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Factory Automatic Hello Panda Biscuit Production Line

JUNYu Hello Panda Biscuit Production Line integrates science, technology, energy conservation and environmental protection industry chains, specializing in producing breakfast food products.

Bear Biscuit Production Line

Center Filled Biscuit/ Hello Panda Biscuit

  • Hello panda biscuit also called the Center-filled biscuit production line. It is a hard dough biscuit that is hollow inside with different cartoon pattern prints on top.
  • This kind of biscuit is puffed after bake because the hollow inside the biscuit is automatic, like golden fish. This kind of biscuit is often filled with chocolate and fruit-flavored cream inside the center to create different layers of yeast.

Components of the Hello Panda Biscuit Production Line

Vertical Mixer

Laminator Machine

Rotary cutter

Baking Oven

Chocolate filling system

Bear biscuit center filling bear biscuit making machine from Shanghai Junyu machinery

1. Bear Biscuit Making Machine is a new type of machine in food processing; it is suitable for all kinds of briquette biscuits and other food products.

2. Bear Biscuit Making Machine can make the shape more beautiful, shape more uniform and more uniform in color. The surface is smooth and beautiful, and the size of the product is accurate. The raw materials are not limited to oil or sugar; various flavors can also be made according to customers’ requirements. The equipment uses a pneumatic pressure control system to ensure that each piece of the product has the same height so that when filled with cream, it will be perfect and beautiful!

3. The Bear Biscuit Making Machine has been designed with automatic feeding and discharge devices, making manual operation unnecessary during production! Product appearance is simple and elegant; the shape is round or square; the size is small; the thickness is thin but thick enough; it has good taste; Good quality!


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