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Oreo Biscuit Making Machine

Buy Oreo Biscuit-Making Machine from JunYu. Find the China Oreo Biscuit Making Machine factory with the product certificate you need to build a stunning Oreo cookies machine for your projects.

Oreo Biscuit Making Machine

Oreo soft cookie

  • The Soft Biscuit is commonly known as shortbread biscuit obtained, that is, from the tender dough (fragile, not hard); they are obtained using a rotary machine, therefore, shortbread biscuits are also technically known as rotary biscuits.
  • Oreo biscuits are chocolate-flavored sandwich biscuits. Two dark chocolate-flavored biscuits with embossed patterns and a white cream filling in the middle. Because Oreo’s taste is crisp and sweet, it is loved by the majority of sweets. The popular slogan is twist, lick, and bubble. Oreo biscuit with milk is a popular way to eat cookies. The texture of the soft dough biscuit is not the same as that of the hard dough biscuit.
  • It has a crispy texture with bubbles. Compared to hard dough biscuits, soft dough biscuits can absorb liquid like milk quickly. The milk-soaked oreo biscuit is soft, no longer crispy, and blended with chocolate and milk, making them more suitable for older people and children. Avoid choking them. Full set of oreo biscuit equipment / automatic biscuit production line including Horizontal dough mixer, Rotary molder, Entrance transfer machine, Hybrid gas baking oven, Peeling machine, Oil spraying machine with oil filter, Straight line type cooling conveyor, Rotary stacker, Sandwich machine, Packing conveyor, Horizontal packing machine.

Machine diagram

Machine diagram

Components of the Oreo Biscuit Making Machine


Rotaryer moulder

Rotaryer moulder

Baking oven

Oil sprayer


What Are the Advantages of Choosing This Oreo Biscuit Machinery?

There are many advantages to using this machine:

– You can create delicious Oreo-style cookies in just minutes!

– You don’t need any special skills or training to use it. Just follow the instructions included with your machine, and you’ll be baking delicious treats in no time!

– The machine comes with a recipe book full of mouthwatering recipes for cookies, cakes, and pastries that taste just like those made by professionals in restaurants and bakeries worldwide!


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