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Cookie Dough Cutter Machine

Junyu Cookie Dough Cutter Machine can speed up the process and save your time and labor costs. Forming cookie dough with a cookie cutter machine produces a beautiful cookie shape with nice color and taste.

Extruder with Wire cutter

Product changeover is as simple as exchanging one compression head and die for another with a different shape.

Filler Block Die squeezes dough into tube-like cavities across the machine and forms dough ropes.

Typical wire cutter biscuit: Chocolate chip cookie, Pretzel, Chips Ahoy, Sticks, braids, flats, sushi, filled sticks, and bread and potato snacks on one production line.

Advantages of Cookie Dough Extruder

♦ A latest smart system with muntiful language
♦ Low /High-Pressure Extruder for different dough
♦ Guillotine Cutter
♦ Multi-Pass roller to light presses if required

Advantages of Cookie Dough Extruder

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