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Molding/depositing type cake production line

Junyu Molding/depositing type cake production line is your best choice for a high-quality and high-value cake production line

Molding/depositing type cake production line

Molding/depositing type cake production line from China

Junyu is a manufacturer of a Molding/depositing type cake production line. The main products are Roll & Cutting Type Cake Production Line, Automatic Cake Production Line, and Semi-automatic Cake Production Line.

The advantage of the Junyu cake production line:

♦ 1. The whole process can be controlled by PLC and touch screen, so it’s easy to operate and control;

♦ 2. It has a high automation degree, low failure rate, and no pollution to the environment;

♦ 3. High efficiency, low labor intensity, high output rate and good product quality;

♦ 4. Can produce a variety of shapes of cakes and pastries;

♦ 5. It adopts a modular design, which makes it easy to install, maintain and repair;

Parameters ofMolding/depositing type cake production line

Molding/depositing type cake production line
Oven Length1624283232
Gas Stove2035405055
Electric Furnace85140180220240

Components of the Molding/depositing type cake production line

Cake depositor

Cake depositor

Baking oven

Baking oven

Cooling tunnel

Cooling tunnel

Center filling

Center filling

Cake de-molding system

Cake de-molding system

Cake Finished product display

Molding/depositing type cake production line: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Supporting Subheading

The biggest difference is the molding.
The molding type is depositor into the cake molds to get different shapes of cake based on the molds, and the cutting type is directly deposited on a Steel belt and becomes a cake sheet, then cutting cut or rolled into pcs.

The base cost of the line-cutting type is more expensive because the forming process is on the steel belt; the steel belt oven is more expensive.
But for long-term processing of each type, you shape the shape of the modeling type. It would be best to replace the full cake molds, but the cutting type only changes the cutter distance.

The semi-automatic lines can run both products, but the automatic, including the loss of the system design and function, is not necessary, and costly to do two types of products on one line.

The cake production generally adopts an economical Hot air circulating oven, which can accept diesel, electricity, LPG gas, etc., as fuel

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