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Oven Baked Pet Food Production Line

JUNYu Bear Biscuit Production Line integrates science, technology, energy conservation and environmental protection industry chains, specializing in producing breakfast food products.

Oven Baked Pet Food Production Line

Oven Baked pet food

  • Junyu is on a mission to reimagine dog food to be more compassionate and sustainable by Slow temperature oven-baked machines.
  • The pet food is commonly known as shortbread biscuits obtained, that is, from the tender dough (fragile, not hard);
    They are obtained using a rotary machine. Therefore, shortbread biscuits are also technically known as rotary biscuits but with customized gently baked ovens.
  • Baked pet kibble has been gaining popularity worldwide. While the baking process is more expensive per kg and has lower throughputs than high-pressure extrusion, pet owners’ humanization of their pets and positive consumer perceptions of baked products are the key factors driving this growth. Baked kibble also allows producers to innovate within their markets, and baked product profit margins are generally higher than most high-pressure extruded products.
  • The production process of baked kibble differs from high-pressure extrusion in various key aspects. To learn more about these differences and the key elements of successful baked kibble production systems, please get in touch with us to request our detailed technical paper on this topic.

Oven baked benefits

  • Gentler thermal processing, which maintains inherent
  • nutritional characteristics of the raw ingredients
  • Full natural flavor development during the drying/baking process
  • Excellent texture, palatability, and digestibility
Oven baked benefits

Components of the Bear Biscuit Production Line

Horizontal Mixer

Rotary moulder

Low temperture baked Oven

Low temperture baked Oven Features

SMART Zone: Heat transfer in this zone is derived from both radiant and convection sources. A convection plenum above the product band contains radiant panels mounted in-between openings in the plenum. Another convection plenum runs underneath the conveyor. Zone heat control is flexible and can be pure radiation, pure convection, or a combination of both.

Convection Zone: This is used as a setting, coloring, or drying zone.
Combustion and make-up air is heated in the penthouse and circulated into the baking chamber. The air is distributed to the product above and below the conveyor. Control of the exhaust, air temperature and circulation velocity allows the operator to control the product moisture removal rate for maximum quality assurance.

Convection Oven Over Kiln: This space-saving zone combines a standard convection zone and mounts it over a kiln or drying zone. The product passes through the baking chamber and is transferred to a second conveyor running in the opposite direction through the dryer positioned beneath the oven zone. Separation of the baking and drying process permits more efficient production of products requiring long dry times or those with greater mass.

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