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Cake sorting machine

Cake sorting machine helps you save time because it doesn’t require any manual labor; all you have to do is put the cake into the hopper and press start button and then leave everything on its own while you go off doing something else. This means that once you set up this device, there will be no more need for manual labor.

Cake sorting machine​

What is a Cake sorting machine?

♦ Cake sorting machine is a conveyor belt-type device that uses infrared sensors to identify the different layers of a cake. It is used to sort cakes by their layers, which can be done manually but requires a lot of effort, or by using a packing machine. The cake sorting machine is used in the food industry and in other industries as well.

♦ The main purpose of using this device is to ensure that all layers of the cake are intact, even after packaging and transportation. This ensures that consumers will receive the best quality product possible when they buy cakes from stores or online shops.

How Does the Cake sorting machine​ Work?

♦ It adopts helical gear reduction motor drive, chain sprocket drive, PU belt transmission, and motor to automatically drive the star wheel to erect and stack biscuits.

♦ Easily switching and adjusting between different kinds and sizes of biscuits.

Cake sorting machine​1
Cake sorting machine​2

Features of Cake sorting machine​

♦ Suitable for all shapes and types;
♦ Photoelectric tracking detection and automatic deviation correction function of conveyor belt;
♦Automatic tensioning and deviation adjustment function of conveyor belt;
♦Variable frequency speed regulation function;
♦ PLC-controlled programming integrated control realizes the online control of the whole line;
♦ Large flat conveyor belt, stable transportation, and large quantity;
♦ The adjustment of conveying speed, belt tension, and deviation is simple;

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