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Baked Potato Chips Production Line

Junyu Baked Potato Chips Production Line uses the most advanced technology from the USA, Japan and Germany.

Baked Potato Chips Production Line

Baked potato chips biscuit/ Wavy potato crisps chips

  • Wavy potato crisps chips also called w-shape potato biscuit is specially shaped potato chips and baked. Baked type using a non-fried production process can maximum guarantee potato chips’ original flavor and reduce the production of harmful substances.
  • These types of potato chips are made from potato starch, whole starch, water, sugar, and other small ingredients. Instead of the flat design of traditional fried potato chips, this type of baked potato chips is healthy and less fat but still crunchy and chewy.
  • Regarding texture, our Wavy shape potato biscuit production line differs from the normal hard dough biscuit production line. We don’t use the laminator and shortening powder duster in our Wavy shape potato biscuit production line. Laminator may cause the wavy shape potato biscuit to bubble during baking. It will seriously affect the forming effect of the biscuit. In Wavy shape potato biscuit manufacturing plant line, we equipped with the three rolls sheeter(combination sheeter) as the first rolling process after finishing the mixing process. Then connect the gauge roller, after the left, and finally connect with a wavy shape forming machine. Our multiple gauge rolls technologies can ensure that potato chips will not cause bubbles during the baking due to insufficient rolling.

Components of the Bear Biscuit Production Line

Vertical Mixer

Rotary cutter

Baking Oven

Oil sprayer

Oil sprayer

Flavor sanding & coating

Flavor coater

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