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Rotary Oven

Junyu Rotary oven is a rotary oven and biscuit-making machine combined to make the perfect biscuit, and it can mix, crumble, bake and other related processes.


What is a Rotary Oven?

Rotary ovens are a type of convection oven that uses a rotating fan to circulate hot air and cook food. This is different from traditional convection ovens, which use a combination of hot air and a circulating fan to cook food. Rotary ovens have an advantage over traditional convection ovens because they can cook food faster and more evenly than other types of convection ovens.

Features of The Rotary Oven

♦ Hot air rotary ovens can be used by Diesel, gas or electric heating as energy formation hot air convection circulation, reach the rotary chart (Rotating platform) inside making the temperature and air inside more even, operate at high efficiency and regular circulation.

♦ Specially designed resistance, air circulation system and prevention of heat loss from the chimney, reduce energy consumption and provide to achieve products as desired. Thanks to the double-way plate-tube system, high-pressure steam is produced and each of the pans is adequately provided with the steam. The steam is prevented from being dispersed in the workshop thanks to the hood and aspirator over the oven. The chassis, baking chamber and baking chamber cover are fully made of stainless steel.

♦ Rotary ovens are suitable for uniform and perfect baking of various products like bread, buns, cakes and cookie. Widely popular among small to medium bakery businesses and best suited for bakeries producing a number of varieties.

Features of The Rotary Oven
Applications of Rotary Oven
Applications of Rotary Oven
Applications of Rotary Oven
ModelCapacityChamber sizeCart size
JYR-1230kg/h800*800*1500mm460*610*1400mm x1
JYR-1650kg/h800*800*1700mm460*610*1600mm x1
JYR-32100kg/h1200*1200*1900mm660*810*1700mm x1
JYR-64200kg/h2100*2950*2400mm660*810*1700mm x2
JYR-128400kg/h2550*3550*2400mm660*810*1700mm x4
Tray size: 400x600mm (or Customized)
Temperature: room temper to 300C
Capacity is depend on customer’s product
Diesel / gas / electric, or we can customized others.
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