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Egg Roll Machine

JUNYU company is one of the top leading egg roll production line manufacturers equipped with advanced technology and professional engineering services. We will customize your egg roll production line to meet your requirements with high reliable quality.

Automatic Egg Roll Machine

Automatic Egg Roll Machine

Automatic Egg Roll Machine is a new type of equipment that can produce small-sized egg rolls. The machine has been developed based on the development of the food industry. It is an integrated equipment with high automation and easy operation, and it can save human resources and reduce labor intensity.

♦ Wafer stick/egg roll/wafer roll is extruded formed, Junyu wafer machine can produce types of wafer egg roller such as hollow wafer stick, Cream&chooclate center-filled,dubble colors widely wafer roll, etc…
♦ Junyu wafer roll bake oven can use Natural gas, Liquid gas, or electricity for heating sources for different country choices.

Advantages of Egg Roll Production Line

♦ 1. The high-quality stainless steel structure makes the machine durable and easy to clean.

♦ 2. The advanced PLC touch screen control system makes it easy to operate.

♦ 3. The machine can produce different egg rolls with high efficiency and low failure rate.

♦ 4. Stable performance is due to its reliable structure and advanced technology features.

How to Make Wafer Biscuit in Factory?

♦ 0:00-Whole line Preview
♦ 0:20-Batter Mixer
♦ 0:31-Wafer Forming Machine
♦ 0:58-Sheet Connector
♦ 1:09-Sheet Cooler
♦ 1:30-Cream Spreader
♦ 2:05-Sheet Conveyor
♦ 2:49-Sheet Cutter


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Technical Data of Industrial Egg Roll Machine

Technical parameters:W250-Dubble colorW200-Dubble lineW150-signle line
Speed200-250 tubes / minute 150-200 tubes / minute 75-150 tubes / minute
Capacity50-80 kg / hour35-45 kg / hour 25-35 kg / hour
After filling: 80-120 kg / h60-80 kg / h50-80 kg / h
Hub diameter: 2000mm1800mm1800mm
Diameter of egg roll: 8-22mm8-22mm8-22mm
Total power: 10 kW8 kW6 kW
liquid gas: 4-6 kg / h4-5 kg / h4-5 kg / h
natural gas: 7-9 m3 / h 50 kW / h6-8 m3 / h 45 kW / h5-7 m3 / h 45 kW / h
Unit weight: 3.5 tons3 tons2.5 tons
area covered: 30 square meters30 square meters30 square meters
Overall dimension:2900*1900*2300mm2800*1800*2200mm2700*1600*2300mm

Wafer Biscuit Manufacturing Process

Wafer Biscuit Manufacturing Process

Component Parts of Wafer Roll Biscuit Production Line

Batter Mixing System

The automatic batter mixing system can mix the raw material oil, flour, egg, and water quickly because of the high-speed blade stirring inside the batter mixing tank to ensure the batter is fresh and transfer to the baking oven continuities.

Batter Mixing System
Wafer baker & rolling machine

Wafer Baker & Rolling Machine

♦ The wafer baking machine heating system can be baked by gas/electrical electrical electrical electrical with an automatic temperature control system and alarming system.
♦ Dubble forming head to promote the capacity
♦ automatic roller system can produce different diameter stick
♦ Center-fille system will be oneshot formed during the rolling saving more machine and cost
♦ With chocolate raw material processing system or cream system for a one-stop solution
♦ The servo cutting system controls the stick length

How the automatic wafer biscuit production line works

How the automatic wafer biscuit production line works

How the automatic wafer biscuit production line works

Wafer Stick/Egg Roll Production Line Faqs

The mold can be replaced, and the cost of the mold is very low

Yes you can make different colors or two colors on an egg roll

Yes, the machine is one shot molding, and the with chocolate or cream processing equipment can be automatic processed

Yes, in addition to simply changing the mold, you also
need to add an additional shaping machine, such as the pillow shape forming machine

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