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Rotary Moulder

Junyu Machine Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer in China specializing in rotary molder and biscuit-making machines. We also offer molders for sale with perfect after-sales services.

rotary moulder cookie machine for sale

Rotary Moulder Cookie Machine for Sale

♦ Rotary molder is the first choice if customers want to produce soft dough cookies.

♦ High-quality products rely on high-quality processing technologies. We all take for granted that every packet of biscuits we open will contain perfectly baked and textured. Our team currently offers complimentary equipment demonstrations and customer factory tours to ensure the customer has the fittest machine for their biscuit products.

♦ When purchasing cookie processing machines or any other bakery equipment, we highly recommend that customers test equipment before committing to a purchase.

♦ Typical products: Oreo, Digestive biscuit, Short biscuit, Cookies.

Main Features of Rotary Moulder Machine

♦ Customized logo or design
♦ minimum cookie thickness can be less than 5mm.
♦ Three independent drives for forcing roll, molding roll, and conveyor.
♦ Adjustments of the pressure of the rubber roll
♦ the position of the forcing roll, and the position of the scraper that reduce waste by fully supporting the dough sheet throughout the process.
♦ Repeatable precision is matched by low operating costs, with labor and maintenance kept to an absolute minimum.
♦ The dual power drive for the oft biscuit rotary molder and conveyor can be adjusted separately.
♦ With endless canvas belt, seamless connection, better biscuit molding effect;
♦ A high degree of automation by electrical control and automatic tensioned and adjusted.

Main Features of Rotary Moulder Machine

Technical Parameters of Rotary Moulder Cookie Machine

Specification TypeCapacity 1hourPowerWeightMeasumment LxWxH

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