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Biscuit Stacking Machine

Your reliable JUNYU biscuit stacking machine provides a compact and affordable alternative to current manual stacking methods.

Biscuit Stacking Machine For Sale

Biscuit Stacking Machine For Sale

It adopts helical gear reduction motor drive, chain sprocket drive, PU belt transmission, and motor to drive the star wheel to erect and stack biscuits. Automatically Easily switching and adjusting between different kinds and sizes of biscuits.

♦ Suitable for all shapes and types

♦ Photoelectric tracking detection and automatic deviation correction function of conveyor belt;

♦ Automatic tensioning and deviation adjustment function of conveyor belt;

♦ Variable frequency speed regulation function;

♦ PLC-controlled programming integrated control realizes the online control of the whole line.

♦ Large flat conveyor belt, stable transportation, and large quantity;

♦ The adjustment of conveying speed, belt tension, and deviation is simple;

Advantages of Biscuit Stacking Machine

A biscuit stacking machine is a new type of equipment with many advantages.

♦ 1. It can reduce the cost of labor, improve production efficiency and make full use of the space.

♦ 2. It can automatically make biscuits according to the size and shape of customer demand, making them easy to operate and maintain.

♦ 3. The biscuit stacking machine has an intelligent control system, which can change different biscuits by automatically changing the molding process sequence according to inputted data or manual operation. It also has a human-machine interface (HMI) system for guiding operators on how to operate it easily and conveniently.

♦ 4. It is easy to operate, has stable performance, high efficiency, and low failure rate.

♦ 5. The whole production line adopts a pneumatic conveying system to ensure product quality and avoid pollution in production.

Advantages of Biscuit Stacking Machine
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