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Laminator Machine

The laminator machine is multifunctional food equipment, with excellent performance and strong capabilities. It applies to making the paperboard packaging for hard dough biscuits and soft dough biscuits.

What is the Laminator Machine?

What is the Laminator Machine?

It is a common machine for hard dough biscuits, we have cut sheet type and forward&return type. With lamination, the biscuit will have distinct layers and a crisp taste. The dough sheet thickness and layers can be adjusted.

This equipment with a sealing spreader to sand different products according to customers’ needs.


How does the Laminator Machine work?

The dough is sent to the three roller seats of the laminating machine through the conveying mechanism for the first calendering, then sent to the four roller seats for the second or third calendering, and then stacked repeatedly by the trolley, and the laminated dough is sent to the second roller seat by the output part.

How does the Laminator Machine work?
Features of the Laminator Machine

Features of the Laminator Machine

♦ Electrical PLC controlled simple structure and convenient operation;
♦ Dough thickness regulator, thickness digital display and other devices;
♦ The number of layers can be adjusted from 4-12layers
Automatic tensioning of conveyor belt;
♦ Automatic deviation adjustment of conveyor belt with electrical eyes.
♦ The scraper is made of T9, which is sharp and durable;

Dough Thickness0-10mm0-10mm0-10mm0-10mm
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