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Biscuit Making Machine

JUNYU is a leading manufacturer of biscuit machines that can turn out various kinds of biscuits, snacks, and bakery products. The whole production line adopts PLC control and electric control, including biscuit dough mixer, baking oven, cutter

Biscuit Manufacturing Machines

Biscuit manufacturing machines are used in the food and beverages industry to produce biscuits. These machines can be used in small-scale industries as well as large-scale industries. These machines will help the customer to make a high-quality biscuit at a faster rate with less effort. The biscuit manufacturing machines are available in different models and types, which can be chosen according to the user’s requirements.

Biscuit Manufacturing Machines

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Advantages of Commercial Biscuit Making Machine

Commercial biscuit-making machines make biscuits of different shapes, sizes, and varieties. They can be used for small-scale production or large-scale production as well. The advantages of using commercial biscuit-making machines are:

♦ 1. CE certificate

♦ 2. Low price and good quality

♦ 3. Industrial design, easy to operate and maintain

♦ 4. Large production capacity, high efficiency, and low cost

♦ 5. The biscuits are made of wheat flour, corn flour, or rice flour, with various shapes and tastes as customers require, such as round biscuits, oval biscuits, hollow round biscuits, square biscuits, etc.

Looking For Biscuit Making Machine for Factory

Looking For Biscuit Making Machine for Factory? Junyu is one of the best professional manufacturers and suppliers of top china biscuit-making machines. Our factory offers the best quality products in China at a low price. Please rest assured to buy bulk products from our factory.

The Key Features Of Junyu Biscuit Machine:

♦ 1. The whole process is simple and easy to operate; the parameters can be adjusted by yourself. It can make biscuits automatically without any operator.

♦ 2. The design is compact; there is no need for a large area, and it’s easy to clean up after use.

♦ 3. The whole process is automatic; it can automatically make different shapes of biscuits without any operator or manual operation.


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Biscuit Manufacturing Process

Biscuit Manufacturing Process

Crakers:Typical Products

Pretzel Cookies
Explore the Components of the Biscuit Maker Machine

Raw Material Processing System

We offer a range of raw material processing solutions to meet your production capacity and efficiency requirements.

Raw Material Processing System
Industrial fough mixer

Industrial Dough Mixer

JunYU is a professional manufacturer of various industrial dough kneading machines, confectionery machinery, powder coating equipment, and food processing machines.

Dough Feeding Conveyor Belt

With this system, the dough is transferred from one hopper to the other but can also support the smooth continuation by cutting or extracting depending on different liquid/dough situations.

Dough Feeding Conveyor Belt
Roller Sheeting System

Roller Sheeting System

Our roller sheeting system is for any type of dough. It makes the dough easier and faster to handle and improves weight, structure, and shape. This means you can reduce your dough and make baking lighter, less dense goods.

Seperating & Redycle Unit

Seperating & Redycle Unit

Using our separation machine and developed side scrap recycle system, there is less waste of dough and material. Dough waste is thus reduced, with the aim of improving production efficiency. As a result, it has been favoured by our customers from domestic and overseas.

Laminator Machine

The versatile and powerful laminator is just what you need to make quality packaging for your hard dough and soft dough biscuits while also saving you time.

Laminator Machine
Rotary Cutter

Rotary Cutter

Rotary cutter as well as Cracker or hard biscuit forming machine.

Its is used for cutting the complete dough sheet into shapes and the left dough back to the hopper.

Rotary Molder

A rotary molder is the first choice if you want to produce soft dough biscuits and cookies.

The mixed soft material will be dressed by forming rollers into different shapes and then directly transferred by the conveyor belt.

Rotary Molder
sandwich biscuit machine

Sandwich Biscuit Machine

Junyu is a Chinese manufacturer of sandwich biscuit machines, cookie cutters, and food processing equipment. If you are interested in our products, please contact us now.

Biscuit Stacking Machine

It will help biscuit stacks into rollers and easily switch and adjusts between different kinds and sizes of biscuits.

Or an automatic biscuit arrangement system into sandwiching or packing system without any manual.

Biscuit Stacking Machine
Oil Sprayer Machine

Oil Sprayer Machine

The vacuum-type oil sprayer machine will spray the oil mist on the hot biscuit surface to help add the colored smells to the biscuit.

With Junyu Leaest’s design, save the wisest of oil and invent cleaning.

Biscuit Baking Oven

Mutiful types of oven as operation for different types of biscuits.

DGF-Direct Gas Fired Oven

DFC-Hot Air Circulation Oven

Electrical Far Infrared Radiation Ovens

Hybrid Oven for industral ovens

Biscuit Baking Oven

Biscuit Making Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Biscuit making machine is the equipment for producing biscuits. It includes three main parts: feeder, extruder and cutter. The whole process of biscuit making is controlled by PLC (Programmable Logic Controller). The raw materials are supplied to the feeder from hoppers or bins through vacuum pipes or screw conveyors. The raw materials are then mixed and kneaded by the extruder to form dough. After this step, the dough can be directly sent to ovens or cut into biscuits by the cutter.

There are several steps involved in the operation of a biscuit-making machine.

The first step is to place the dough into the machine’s hopper. The hopper can be adjusted to accommodate varying sizes of dough.

Once the dough has been added to the hopper, it is mixed with other ingredients such as flour and water. The mixing process is usually done by a drill or paddle, which rotates at high speeds inside the hopper.

Once mixing is complete, the dough will pass through a die plate, forming it into different shapes depending on how you want your biscuits to look when they come out of the oven. This process takes place in a completely enclosed chamber so that no air can get inside or escape from it during this step in operation.

After forming, the dough will then pass through a conveyor belt which takes it to another chamber where it will be cut into individual pieces before being baked in an oven at high temperatures until they turn brownish-golden in color and become hard enough to be placed on a plate without crumbling apart when touched lightly by fingers. After baking, the biscuits will pass through a cooling area where they will be cooled down to room temperature before being packaged and sent off for distribution.

The benefits of biscuit making machines are as follows:

1)Easy to use: Biscuit making machines are easy to operate and maintain. It consists of simple controls and operations which can be easily understood by anyone. You will not require any special skills or training for using these machines. If you want to make your own biscuits at home, then you can buy this machine and start baking breads at home without any hassles.

2)No wastage: These machines produce high quality biscuits from the dough without wasting any material as there is no loss during production process due to improper handling or improper mixing of ingredients etc.. Thus you can get more quantity of delicious bakery products in less time with less effort which will save your money too!

3)Easy to clean: These machines are very easy to clean as they have a removable base which makes it possible for you to remove all the leftover ingredients from the machine after use. Thus, you do not need any extra effort or time for cleaning these machines.

4)Efficient: These machines are very efficient in their performance as they consume less energy and generate less noise during operation. This will save your electricity bill, as well as make your working environment peaceful and quiet.

Biscuit-making machines are used to make biscuits, cookies, and crackers. They are available in different types with different models. The type of biscuit-making machine depends on the number of biscuits it can produce per minute.

There are two basic types of biscuit-making machines:

Semi-automatic Biscuit Making Machines: These machines have a single handle used to operate the machine. It requires manual operation. Semi-automatic biscuit-making machines are less expensive than automatic ones but take more time to prepare a batch of biscuits. The semi-automatic biscuit-making machine is ideal for small bakeries but not large ones.

Automatic Biscuit Making Machines: These machines have 2 handles; one for dough mixing and the second for baking and cooling. Automatic biscuit-making machines are expensive, but they save time and effort because they can produce a batch of biscuits within minutes with minimum supervision required by an operator or cook.

The working principle of this machine is based on the application of rotating shafts and revolving discs. The discs are mounted on the shafts which rotate at high speed to achieve the desired output. A motor is used to run the shafts which are connected to rotating discs through gears or pulleys of different types. The discs rotate continuously around their axis due to the rotation of the shafts and create shearing forces at their surface that results in the mixing or kneading action needed for mixing or kneading the dough.

Continuous dough mixers are used in the food industry to make dough for various kinds of bread, cakes, cookies, and pastries. These are used because they are faster than the traditional method of mixing dough by hand.


The continuous dough mixer has several advantages over other types of mixers:

Speed – It can mix large batches of dough at a time, which saves time and labor costs.

Consistency – The speed makes it possible to keep the temperature and consistency consistent throughout the entire batch. This is important for high-quality products such as biscuits and cakes that need to be baked at a specific temperature in order to properly cook.


There are some disadvantages to using continuous mixers:

Expensive – They can cost up to $10,000 or more depending on their size and features; however, they may pay for themselves quickly if you use them often enough.

Heavy – They are very heavy and difficult to move. You will need a large work area in order to use one. Noise – They can be quite loud, especially when mixing at high speeds. They also make a lot of vibrations, which can cause them to shake. This can be dangerous if you are using them on a countertop because they could tip over.

Rotary cutter is a tool used for cutting dough, paper and other materials. It consists of a circular blade that spins around its axis. The blade can be adjusted to produce different shapes and sizes of cuts. The rotary cutter has two types: manual rotary cutters and electric rotary cutters.

In biscuit making machine , the rotary cutter is used to cut dough into various shapes and sizes. The dough is placed on a flat surface and the cutter is used to cut it into desired shapes without any difficulty. Biscuit making machine is a baking equipment used in food industries for preparing biscuits, cookies, wafers etc.

A rotary cutter is a tool that is used in biscuit making machine to cut dough into even pieces. The dough is placed on a flat surface and then the rotary cutter is used to cut it into equal pieces. The rotary cutter consists of three parts; the blade, the handle, and the shaft.

The Blade: The blade is a sharp metal disc that turns at high speed and cuts through the material. It can be made from stainless steel or hardened steel. The blade also has two edges, one for cutting and the other for keeping it in place.

The Handle: This part of the rotary cutter helps you hold the device comfortably in your hand while using it. It also contains a screw mechanism that makes sure that the blade stays in place while cutting material.

The Shaft: This part connects both the handle and the blade together so that they can rotate freely when needed.


Rotary cutters consist of a circular blade mounted on a rotating shaft. The biscuit dough is fed into the cutter through a hopper at the bottom of the machine, which is cut into discs by the blade as it rotates. This process is known as “cutting” or “shearing.” The cutting blades are usually made of hardened steel and can be either straight or curved, depending on the shape of the manufactured biscuits. After cutting, the discs fall into a collection tray at the bottom of the machine before being ejected from the side through an opening in the machine’s front panel onto conveyor belts that take them away for further processing and packaging.

In simple words, Rotary Moulder is a rotary cutter or cutter head which is used for the cutting of dough into biscuits.

The dough is fed into Rotary Moulder from above and it is rotated by some motor at high speed. The Dough is then cut by rotary blade and layers of biscuit are formed.

The Rotary Moulder consist of a number of blades mounted on a shaft, with each blade having a different cutting angle. When the shaft rotates, the blades cut through the dough in a circular motion to produce many layers of biscuit.

Sandwiching unit is the most important part of biscuit making machine. The basic function of sandwiching unit is to make the biscuit dough into biscuit shape. It also provides a smooth surface for biscuit and helps to reduce the cost of biscuit making process.

In sandwiching unit, there are two rollers: upper roller and lower roller. The upper roller is called top roll and lower roller is called bottom roll. The top roll has a hole in it, which is called mold hole. After the dough is processed by the upper and lower rollers, it will come out from the hole.

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