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Raw Material Processing System

The process includes raw material processing, oil and sugar processing, flour powder separation and filtration, and final weighing.

Oil the sugar

What is raw material processing system?

Raw material processing is the process of converting raw materials into intermediate or finished goods. The raw materials used to make products are usually purchased from suppliers and then processed by a manufacturing facility. Different machines may process the raw material at different stages of production before being combined with other materials and shaped or formed into the final product.

Processing steps of raw materials

Oil the suagr and flour powder

Oil the sugar and flour powder

Oil can be added to sugar or flour powders during the grinding process so that they do not stick together during storage.

Oil the sugar and flour powder​


Winnowing uses air pressure to separate large particles from small particles in a mixture of different sized particles by blowing them through an air current.

Magnetic Separation

The raw material is processed by vibrating magnetic separator to remove impurities and other foreign materials.
The main purpose of using these machines is to remove all unwanted particles from the material that we want to use for further processing or manufacturing.

Magnetic Separation
filtration and weighting

Filtration and Weighting

♦ The sugar or flour then goes through a series of screens designed to filter out any foreign objects such as rocks, sticks, or seeds that may have been mixed in with the product before this machine processed it.

♦ The main function of this system is to store, weigh, mix and blend all ingredients required for the production process. The system also includes the inspection and control of these ingredients so that they are up to standards before entering into the production process.

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