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Industrial Dough Mixer

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Industrial Dough Kneading Machine

A dough kneading machine is also called a dough mixing machine. A dough kneading machine is professional equipment for making dough in flour mills, large-scale bakeries, food factories, and other food processing plants. The main function of this machine is to mix raw materials (flour and water) into a uniform paste, which can be used as a basis for making bread, noodles, and other food.

In addition to the above functions, the dough kneading machine can also be used to mix other ingredients such as eggs, yeast, and fat into the dough mixture. After kneading, the finished product will have a good texture, taste, and appearance.

Industrial Dough Kneading Machine
Advantages of Industrial Dough Mixer Machine

Advantages of Industrial Dough Mixer Machine

♦ 1. Speed: The speed of the mixing machine can be adjusted from very slow to extremely fast, which is beneficial for mixing different types of food.

♦ 2. Stability: Due to its stable structure, it can mix ingredients evenly and thoroughly.

♦ 3. Safety: It has no moving parts and uses a safety switch to prevent injuries if the user gets too close to it while operating.

♦ 4. Versatility: This type of machine has different settings depending on the type of ingredients being mixed, making it more versatile than other types of food mixers available on the market today.

Types of Industrial Dough Kneader

Horizontal Mixer

The horizontal mixer is a base mixer for industrial mixing, which can be used on soft and hard dough, especially for soft or cookie dough.

Typical soft biscuit dough: Sugar, syrup, oil, water,(leavener together)

Typical soft biscuit: Cookie, Digestive biscuit, Shortbread, which surfaces with clear lines like Oreo.

♦ PLC control system & touch screen
♦ Connecting with automatic dough cutter & conveyor
♦ Adjustable angle Forward & reverse
♦ Directly connected with weighing system to achieve the online mixing effect.
♦ Stainless steel & type blade
♦ Invert drive to maximum speed ranges with smooth start-up and minimal power usage.

Horizontal Mixer

Technical Parameters of Horizontal Dough Machine

Quantity of mixingTime of MixingPower SupplyPower of main MotorPower of TilterMeasurement LxWxH
Vertical Mixer

Vertical Mixer

Verical mixer, as well as spindle mixer, is the most popular mixer for mixing cracker dough, especially for the need for second fermentation dough.

This mixer has double vertical spindle blades for thoroughly high mixing. The high but gentle mixing action stirs the ingredients well without high energy input at the gluten proteins stage.

Wheeled mixing tubs are charged with ingredients, either by hand or by a semi-automatic tub filling system, it can save time at the changeover between fermentation period and different types of dough.

Typical hard biscuit dough: Sugar, syrup,oil, water (leavener/Enzymes after)
Typical hard biscuit: Saltine crackers, Chirps biscuit, Animal shape biscuit with layers inside the biscuit-like Soda biscuit.

♦ PLC control system and weight sensor
♦ Timer for optimum control after the final mixing
♦ Stainless steel double vertical spindle blades
♦ Wheeled mixing tubs for repairing & time-saving
♦ Hygienic and easy to maintenance
♦ Forward and reverse step-less speed change

Technical Parameters of Vertical Mixer

Specification TypeDough WeightLow Speed rpmHigh Speed rpmPower(kw)Weight

Mixer Vertical Detail

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