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Roller Sheeting System

Roller sheeting dough works for any type of dough. It improves weight, structure and shape. This allows you to reduce the amount of dough and also makes baking lighter, less dense goods.

Roller Sheeting System

Introduction of Roller Sheeting System

  • After the Laminator and three roller systems, the dough sheet will come to 3-4sets of the gauge roller for further rolling to reach the thickness of the final biscuit.
  • Junyu roller sheeting system equipped with PLC Touch Screen for each set in order that our worker can operate it easily and quickly. At the same time, automation has been improved greatly.

  • The roller guard is installed on the upper roller to reduce the possibility of cutting dough sheets. The minimum speed of the combination roller is 2 meters per minute.

  • There is a white food-grade gasket inside to prevent the dough from being polluted and stainless steel scraper. As a result, we can get a dough sheet that is clean and of good quality

Conveyor belt speed0~20m/min
Power0.75 KW1.35 KW
Weight 1.21.3T1.5T1.6T
Ambient temperature 0℃~50℃

Features of Roller sheeting System

  • Able to make super thin biscuits, by getting dough sheet thickness minimum of 0.5mm
  • Central Control System user-friendly with street and including upstream follow-up joint-control function
  • Foulmar menory system for faster operate
  • Roller’s gap distance adjustment adopt electricity motor-driven screw lifting
  • Adjustment accuracy 0.01mm.
  • Gauge roll drive motor is installed effective power output to save energy and maintain.
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