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Biscuit sticks production line

JUNYU’s biscuit sticks production line, designed for producing biscuits, is one of the leading products in the industry.

Biscuit sticks

Biscuit sticks

  • The main materials are flour, sugar, and palm oil which we call hard dough biscuits. After mixing the dough, it is better to push it into the fermentation chamber or soak it alkaline.
  • The length and pattern of the rotary cutting mold can be customized for different lengths and thicknesses according to customer requirements.
    The mold can do smooth surface finger biscuits and twist flower finger biscuits. After baking, a chocolate coating system with nuts pricking is optional too.
    The finger biscuit can be packed with the tray and plastic, packed in the can, or directly packed in pillow packs.
  • In particular, the finger biscuits which need dipping in cream need to be used in a canned form separated with cream, such as AQ finger cookies. In the packaging process, mix with chocolate sauce or taste cream sauce. During the eating process, you can dip in some chocolate and nuts to make the biscuits interesting, nutritious and delicious.

Components of the Biscuit sticks production line

Vertical Mixer

Three roller sheeter&Roller sheeting system

Rotary cutter

Baking Oven

Biscuit Counting& arrange system

Biscuit Counting & arrange system

Shocolate coating/dripping system

Shocolate coating/dripping system

Stick biscuit counting & PC box packing system

Stick biscuit counting & PC box packing system

More pictures

Baking oven

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