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Wafer Production Line

JUNYU is a wafer production line manufacturer in China. Our company supplies wafer roll biscuit production lines with world-leading technology and energy efficiency.

Wafer Production Line Manufacturers

♦ The Wafer Biscuit Machine makes a wide range of dimensions of wafer biscuits.

♦ Typical products include wafter biscuits, Wafer balls, wafer bar cream-filled wafers, chocolate wafers, and all kinds of wafers.

♦ If you are looking for a wafer roller machine, we also have another type of forming system.

advantages of Wafer Production Line

♦ 1. The automatic wafer production line is advanced equipment that can improve the yield and reduce the cost of the product. It’s a high-tech product applied to food, chemical, semiconductor, and other industries.

♦ 2. With advanced technology, high quality and reasonable price, our company has won a good reputation among many customers at home and abroad. We have worked in this field for years and know how to deal with all kinds of problems effectively and efficiently.

♦ 3. Our factory’s automatic wafer production line has many advantages: high reliability, large output capacity, strong adaptability, easy maintenance, etc

Wafer Production Line Manufacturers

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Wafer Biscuit Manufacturing Process

Wafer Biscuit Manufacturing Process is a complete solution for wafer biscuit production lines. It includes a Batter mixer, Cream mixer, Wafer oven, Wafer Sheet cooling system(Natural cooling), Wafer Connecting Machine, Vertical cooling tower(Creamed wafer sheet cooling), Cream spreading & Laminating, Cutting system, and so on.

The advantages of our wafer biscuit manufacturing process:

♦ 1. The equipment design is reasonable and compact;

♦ 2. The whole process is automatic and can be operated by one person;

♦ 3. The quality of the products is stable and uniform;

♦ 4. The whole process has no pollution to the environment;

♦ 5. It uses compressed air as the power supply instead of electricity, so it can save more energy than other equipment that uses electricity as power supply;

♦ 6. The whole process adopts advanced international technology, with high efficiency and low failure rate;

Technical Parameters: Wafer Biscuit Production Line

Power consumption120KW140KW160KW180KW200KW240KW280KW
Daily output/(24H)2.0 tons3.0 tons3.5 tons4.0 tons4.5 tons6.0 tons7.5 tons
Daily output/(24H)2.0 tons3.0 tons3.5 tons4.0 tons4.5 tons6.0 tons7.5 tons

Components of the Wafer Roll Biscuit Production Line

The Wafer Roll Biscuit Production Line is a complete system that can produce wafer rolls, biscuits, and chocolate wafers.

Cake Batter Mixer

♦ This batter mixing system consists of: a batter mixing tank and batter storage tank, and pumps and fittings for transferring batter.

♦ Two tanks and pump design for alternate mixing, the mixer inside is special design form us which reduce the mixing time to 5minutes per batch for the machine.

♦ In the wafer line, there is wastage from the cutting, and another process that a Smashing machine minimizes the overall wastage of the wafer baking system is about 2%.

Cake Batter Mixer
Cream mixer

Cream Mixer

♦ Two stainless steel rollers will reverse stir and mix the cream with SEW/ABB Eurodrive Gear Motor and Heating & Cooling jacket.

♦ The heating & cooling jacket will help mix the cream with different temperatures and seasons, and the cooling jacket with a watertight test before assembling.

♦ It has automatic scram logic if the top lid opens, it will be automatically stopped as a safety device.

Wafer Oven

♦ The wafer baking oven is the key point of the whole wafer processing used on forming and baking the full wafer sheet.

♦ The HDMI and PLC system by Siemens controls the speed and the quality of the wafer batter, so the batter will be uniform on each plate and with no surface defects on the final wafer sheet. And two of the molds will be closed together to flat the batter into one sheet, which can be both sides of the roller on one sheet.

♦ This wafer oven constitutes a wafer mold plate, LPG gas baking oven & automatic demolding system.

♦ The baking oven can be Electial type or Natural gas type,temperature range form 0-210oC.

♦ The Natural gas oven burner is like a triangle-type and German/Italian brand to ensure the temperature of each wafer mold and uniformity with no surface defects and coloring evenly.

♦ The baking plate quality will have different capacities for customers’ options from 27/39/45/41/63/75/87 plates.

Wafer Oven
Wafer Sheet Smashing Equipment

Wafer Sheet Smashing Equipment

♦ Wafer sheet smashing equipment is used to grind the discarded wafer into a reusable form.

♦ The ground material can be used as additive cream, depending on the requirement. The smashing or grinding machine is constructed out of Stainless Steel material to maintain the hygiene of the reusable products.

♦ It has automatic scram logic if the top lid opens, it will be automatically stopped as a safety device.

Wafer Sheet Cooling System(Natural cooling)

♦ After baking the wafer sheet, a wafer cooler tower will move the wafer into a natural cooling tower and ease the pressure of the wafer sheet.

♦ The cooling tower provides natural air cooling for wafer sheets before going to cream spreading; lower temperature prevents wafer sheets from becoming crunchy, avoiding damage in creaming.

♦ The sheet can also be cool inside a cooling chiller tunnel, depending on the factory temperature and capacity.

♦ This 3-5 minutes of cooling will affect the test of crispy texture and shelf life after the cream process.

♦ The frame and covers are all of stainless steel as well, as the chains, which do not contact food parts also made of stainless steel.

♦ After cooling, two photoelectric switches located on the wafter sheet picking system will detect whether wafer sheets are broken or with corners; it will automatically collect defect wafers by sending them down to the collection place,and the complete

♦ ones will transfer to the Cream Spreading Machine.

Wafer Sheet cooling system(Natural cooling)
Wafer Connecting Machine

Wafer Connecting Machine

♦ This conveys the baked wafer sheets to the cooling tower.

♦ Two brushes under the machine will clean the wafer plate surface at the same time.

♦ Its smooth handling makes sure the hot wafer sheets that come out of the baking oven will not be damaged and smoothly.

Vertical Cooling Tower

♦ Before cutting the big wafer sheet, creamed into small pieces, will need a cooling system to cool the layer wafer sheet.

♦ With this cooling system, the layered wafer book will be easier to cut and have better cutting quality, taste, and shelf life. It Adopts refrigeration compressors to cool the layer wafer sheet from 13ºC to 15ºC inside. To keep the air quality, each in-out of cold air has a filter mesh to filter the impurity in the air.


Vertical cooling tower(Creamed wafer sheet cooling)
Cream spreading & Laminating

Cream Spreading & Laminating

♦ This machine is used for wafer cream spreading, the
equipment is suitable for various materials (such as cream, chocolate, and cheese sauce).

♦ The cream roller smears cream evenly on the wafer surface. Cream thickness can be adjustable, and the cream hopper has a heating device that keeps the cream temperature. (2-3 creaming heads could be chosen as per the client’s demand)

♦ The Laminating machine is an important piece of machine in the wafer line that determines the number of wafer sheets and cream layers that should be made. This machine has functions such as: applying a cream layer to the pre-cooled wafer sheets, drawing the cream layer evenly, and making the book of wafers sheets with a different layer of cream and sheets, then applying slight pressure to hold the wafer/cream together.

♦ The number of cream layers and wafer layers can be adjusted to the count of 3-7 layers. The machine will count them automatically according to the adjustment made. There is a device that controls temperature automatically and constantly on the roller of filler. The layer thickness can be adjustable too.

Cutting System

One Vertical and one horizontal wire cutting machine will help cut the cooled wafer book into small pieces in a second.

♦ The cutting machine adopts PLC program control automation

♦ goes well with cutting conveyors. Easy to change the

♦ The cutting layer is optional and adjustable.

♦ Cutting channel using glass as Visual window and shield as safety

After this process, the wafer is ready to pack to go to the enrober to have a chocolate layer on the surface.

Cutting system

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A wafer biscuit production line is a machine that manufactures wafers. It can be used to make different types of wafers such as sugar wafer, chocolate chip, butterscotch and chocolate. The production line has a large capacity and is highly efficient in its operations. The machines are designed using modern technology with high precision parts that ensure their smooth functioning even with minimal maintenance.

The wafer biscuit production line is used for making various biscuits like sugar wafer, butterscotch, chocolate chip and vanilla wafers among others. It has high-speed multi-head extrusion lines for producing high quality biscuits at an affordable cost per unit. The lines have a large capacity which enables them to produce large volumes of biscuits within a short time period without compromising on quality or consistency standards.

Wafer biscuits are made from a flat, thin wafer with a layer of cream in the middle. The wafer biscuit production process is fairly simple and straightforward.

The first step is mixing the ingredients together to create a batter. The mixture is then poured onto an iron plate that has been heated to the correct temperature. The batter spreads out evenly across the iron plate, creating a thin sheet of batter known as a “biscuit”.

Once the biscuit has cooled down, it is cut into individual squares using special machinery. The squares are then covered with chocolate or other flavours such as strawberry or vanilla. This can be done by dipping each square in melted chocolate or coating them with a layer of chocolate powder that has been applied using another piece of machinery.

The final step in wafer biscuit production is packing the biscuits into boxes or bags for distribution.

Wafer roll biscuit production line is mainly used in food factories, such as snack food factory, snack food factory and other enterprises that produce wafer roll biscuits or other fried snacks.

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