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Oil Sprayer machine

Oil Sprayers are machines designed to spray oil on an object or surface. They can be used for a variety of purposes, including painting machinery and equipment, applying lubricants to tools and machinery, and spraying food products with oil.

Oil Sprayer machine

What is an Oil Sprayer machine?

The oil sprayer machine is a device that allows you to spray oil onto your food. It is a simple device that consists of a canister filled with oil and a pump that releases the oil into your food. The pump is activated by pushing down on a handle or button, which causes the oil to flow out of the canister. The oil sprays out of the tip of the nozzle in a fine mist for even coverage.

How Oil Sprayer Machine Works

♦ The working principle of the oil centrifugal oil wheel is distributed on both sides of the cover to spray the oil. Oil will go through the oil separator by pump from the bottom oil tank on the wheel to become the oil mist.

♦ When the biscuit is transferred through the conveyor, the oil mist will be evenly on the biscuit. And the left oil mist will be collected by the oil recovery demister system back to the oil tank.
Because the biscuits are fresh out of the oven and have residual heat, the residual heat dries the oil on the surface of the biscuits, making the biscuits delicious in color and tasty.

Oil Sprayer machine1
Features of Oil Sprayer machine

Features of Oil Sprayer machine

♦ High-speed centrifugal rotation to mist the oil
♦Independent motor control to ensure the oil distribution accuracy
♦A vacuum collection system is set at the top to prevent oil splashing
♦Oil can be recycled, which is environmentally friendly and oil-saving;
♦Multiple observation to facilitate timely observation of the oil injection effect;
♦Stainless steel moveable oil tank with cover,easily clean and sealing

Working temperture0~50℃0~50℃0~50℃0~50℃
Speed0-20 (m/min)0-20 (m/min)0-20 (m/min)0-20 (m/min)
Oil qty(kg/min)1-5kg/min1-5kg/min1-5kg/min1-5kg/min
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