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Three roller sheeter

The three-roller sheeter can process more products than a single roller machine. This allows you to increase productivity, saving both time and money.

roller sheeter

Introduction of Three roller sheeter

♦ A three roller sheeter is a simple replacement for hard doughs which do not need a lamationlamination system; it will help roll the dough before the gauge-rolle.
♦ The dough is sent to the hopper of the three rolling stands through the conveying mechanism. The grooved rollers a and B rotate in the opposite direction for feeding. The grooved rollers a and C rotate in the opposite direction for the first calendering of the dough.

Sheet thickness5-205-205-205-20
Roller diameterΦ300Φ300Φ400Φ500

Features of Roller sheeting System

♦ Adopts double row chain transmission, with simple structure, stable and reliable transmission;

♦ The roller and conveyor belt are driven by different motors, which makes the operation and control convenient and accurate;

♦ Movable cover assembly to ensure the safety of operators;

♦ Chain tensioner to adjust the position of the tensioning sprocket;

Three roller sheeter
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