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Roller Sheeter

JUNYU’s Roller Sheeter is a new product for biscuit forming and giving the surface a variety of shapes.

what is a Roller Sheeter

What is a Roller Sheeter?

♦ Roller sheeters are used to make biscuits, crackers and similar products. The dough is first fed onto the roller, which flattens it out into a thin sheet that is then cut using a rotating blade. The resulting sheets are then baked in a continuous oven.

♦ Roller sheeters can be used to produce large quantities of biscuits and crackers in a short time. They also allow for more variety in shapes, sizes and flavors than would otherwise be possible with traditional biscuit-making methods.

♦ The machine is made up of three main components: the rollers, the cutter knife and the oven.

How Does the Roller Sheeter Work?

After three roller sheeting or laminator, the dough will become a full dough sheet.

The pre-made dough flan sent from the laminator or three-color dough sheet rolling machine is rolled through the rolling unit again to the dough sheet with the thickness required for the flan. The rolling speed and conveying speed of each mono machine are controlled separately so that it can be conveniently and easily operate operated. They are used in the forming process of hard sweet biscuits and crackers.

How Does the Roller Sheeter Work?
Features of The Roller Sheeter

Features of The Roller Sheeter

♦ Adopt customized chilled alloy roll of exclusive formula to make rollers of high hardness, making it longer working life.

♦ Rollers are designed to be able to make super thin biscuits, by getting dough sheet thickness 0.7mm to 0.8mm evenly.

♦ Central Control System provides practical and user-friendly operation function functions, including upstream follow-up joint- control function function function functions which make machine trial running and daily operation easier for operators and as well as saving operators.

♦ Menu memory and call outcall-out function, easy for next time making the same product.

♦ Machines can be controlled flexibly via touch screens or buttons.

♦ Roller’s gap distance adjustment adopts electricity motor-driven screw lifting, making it longer working life rather than an eccentric wheel and easier operation for workers.

♦ Adjustment accuracy:0.01mm. Finally, the Gauge roll machine’s drive motor is installed vertically suspended, providing the most effective power output to save energy and make cleaning and maintenance easy.

Roller width580/600/620600/620/640980/1000/10201180/1200/1220
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